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Playing music shouldn't be something we force ourselves to do each day. It is an outlet for creativity and expression, as well as an art form that has numerous educational and emotional benefits. The goal of Sarah B Music Studio is to teach music, not just mastery of a particular instrument. It is a beginning for students who want a well rounded, enjoyable, and still challenging music education. 

Who wants to look back and think, "My mom made me take piano lessons and not only that, but, my teacher was old and mean, had 39 cats, and smelled like moth balls!" Let's make learning music applicable and fun!"

I'm Learning To Play The Piano Today
I'm learning to play the piano today.
Tomorrow I'll learn the guitar.
The day after that I'll get good on the drums,
so I can become a big star.

The next day I'll learn how to sing and to rap,
and practice some dancing techniques.
And, that way, I'm sure to be famous and rich
in no more than one or two weeks.

I just told my mother my excellent plan,
explaining the millions I'll earn.
She told me that, firstly, I'll need to learn patience.
So, how long will that take to learn?
--Kenn Nesbitt