Q: Why does Sarah B Music Studio teach during the summer?

A: Learning music is like learning any other subject or foreign language. It takes consistent practice. Summer is often the best time to study music without the demands of school and some sports. Flexible scheduling options are available so students may take summer vacations and still continue their music instruction during the summer.

Q: What is a Master Class?

A: A Master Class is time set aside for students to meet as a group with an instructor, perform for each other, and learn new skills that will help better their playing.

Q: What happens if I miss a lesson?

A: Dates are set aside each session for make up lessons. Illness, weather, meetings, and unexpected events happen to the best of us. Make up lesson dates are on the calendar and can be registered for online. No refund is given for missed lessons.

Q: Does the studio hold yearly recitals?

A: Yes. The studio holds at least one recital and offers additional performance opportunities throughout the year. These range from chapel performances to a formal spring recital. Students are not required to participate but are encouraged to use these opportunities to share their talents with family and friends!