Technology has made learning music even more fun and accessible. Below are some of Ms. Bateman's favorite music "iTools:"

1. iTunes (of course!) - download and listen to music

2. Musicnotes - Download sheet music and play it right from your device

3. Tempo - Metronome that allows you to use different meters, beat types, and create a setlist

4. GarageBand - Create your own music, podcasts, and background tracks. (This is best used on a computer)

5. PianoGames - Play anthems from around the world on your device or home piano

6. Dust Buster - Play popular music on your device or home piano 

7. Magic Piano (Smule) - Play music or create your own by touching different spots on the device surface

8. TonalEnergy - Tuner and metronome app that is the perfect combo for wind players